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Work abroad, work in Ukraine , work in the Czech Republic , work in Germany , work in Austria , work in Italy , work in Romania , work in France , work in the UK , work in the EU , work in the US , work in Canada. We will help!

Searching for workers in Ukraine, searching for workers in France , searching for workers in the Czech Republic , searching for workers in Germany, searching for workers in Austria , searching for workers in Romania , searching for workers in the UK , searching for workers in the EU , searching for workers in the United States , searching for workers in Canada. We will help!

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The company Start-Recruiting, founded in 2007.

We specialize in the recruitment of staff in various professional fields and sectors of the economy.

We work with major Ukrainian and international companies, as well as with small and medium-sized companies and companies that starting a business in Ukraine.

We provide comprehensive services for the recruitment and outsourcing services for recruitment projects, offer international solutions for both job seekers and for our customers.

We offer related services to our customers, staff wishing to work abroad and those who have moved to Ukraine to work : foreign language courses , translation of documents , legalization and apostille, assistance in obtaining visas, and much more.

We assist in the selection and admission to study at educational institutions in Europe, USA and Canada. The choice of the institution, the conditions for entry, preparatory language courses, preparation of documents.

We will open a world of new opportunities for our competitors, customers and employees.

About our recruiting activities:

Present position:

We are the link between job seekers and companies offering job, both foreign corporations and Ukrainian.

Employees of our company are experienced recruiters with knowledge of foreign languages.

Key features:

We focus on staff recruitment of lower and middle managers both skilled workers with an extensive experience and a minimum of experience, but with a great desire to be the best.

We find the best specialists in the field of sales and marketing, accounting and finance, law, medicine, engineering, oil and gas industry, construction.

Key skills and competences:

In order to select the employees successfully, we have an experienced staff that complement our freelance consultants from various sectors of the economy.

Spoken Languages:

We speak to employers and candidates in their native language. This helps us to work very effectively with our international customers.

Professional goals:

We are actively developing and attracting to cooperate with the best professionals in the field of recruitment.

We aspire to provide the highest quality services and to be a reliable partner for the employers and for those looking for a better job.

Work in our company

Our recruiting company is a growing company with active, ambitious team in the selection of both specialists and staff of middle and senior management in Ukraine.

We combine experience in the market of Ukraine and international approach to business. Because we strive to find individual approach to solving problems, to do our work quickly and efficiently, we have gained trust among both employers and applicants.

We are pleased to welcome to our team not only professionals with experience in the recruitment business, but also professionals with competence in various areas such as sales, marketing, finance, law, information technology and many others.

We strive to build long-term partnerships with our clients and candidates, and provide highest quality services, guiding by the standards of business conduct and accepted in international practice.

Consultants and managers of our company follow the latest trends in the labor market and become a reliable source of information for the leading Ukrainian and foreign mass media, which we are actively cooperating with.

Arriving at the company Start-Recruiting, you get into the international team of active, creative, commercially oriented professionals.
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